Global Financial Market 101



This courses is applicable to any aspiring or experienced investors. If you’re an aspiring investor, it will provide the foundational knowledge about what the global financial market is, how it function, techniques used by successful investors like Warren Buffet, George Soro etc and common pitfalls many new investors fall prey on. For the experienced investor, this course will be a refresher.

The objective of this course is to provide adequate background information about the courses offered in stages 2 and 3 so that when you enroll in any of these courses, you will understand better.

Educational package include:

  • Life time Access to 8 Interactive Lectures (narrated), quizzes and a final exam with more than 3 hours content in .flx (flash) and .mp4 format.
  • E – Book (120 pages) with detailed information on the lectures
  • Downloadable audio book with 8 lectures and 120 page e-book all in .mp3  format
  • Exclusive access to student and educator’s Forum Page where Q&A seasons are held     

Mentoring package includes:

  • Provide relevant and timely feedbacks during training sessions
  • Help develop and review your trading plan
  • Provide guidance and support during early stage of your trading business.

Training and mentoring package Cost: US$300.

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